Cremorne Hotel

28 Aug

Last Monday, the boys and i decided we should enjoy the lovely 22 degree that Adelaide had turned on for us, so we ventured down to the Cremorne Hotel for a spot of lunch. I had only been reading over the weekend how the Cremorne has undergone an extensive revamp in the last year and had recently won the 2011 AHA Award Winner For Best Redeveloped Hotel in S.A. & National Winner for Best Bar Presentation & Service.

Cremorne beer garden

We sat out in the “Beer Garden”( i guess that is what you would call it) fronting on to Unley road so we could catch a bit of sun, and took some time to use our phones to check the reviews of the place. I have to say we were more than a little shocked at some of the negative reviews, almost to the point where were questioned if we should stay or not. As we waited for another friend to join us, we saw some of the meals being delivered, and they looked lovely, so we stuck it out.

We ordered form the bar menu, i had the Beef Burger ($15.90), the other guys has the Chicken Parma ($17.90) and the “Surf and Turf” ($22.90). My beef burger was delicious, the burger pattie itself was really tasty and was served in a turkish bread roll, with chips and chutney on the side. It was one of the nicest burgers i have had in a while.

Beef Burger

The Chicken Parma looked equally as tasty, a generous size serving, lots of cheese and goodness on the top. The guys said it was really tasty and the chicken was really nice quality.

Cremorne parma

The Surf and Turf certainly looked amazing, we all had a little food envy when this arrived on the table. The beef was basically a porterhouse cooked like a schnitzel (deep fried) then covered in bacon, a tomato sauce, prawns and cheese. This in theory could have been ok, as i said it certainly presented well, however there were too many strong flavours. The bacon over powered the prawns, and the prawns were a bit much as well.

cremorne beef reef

All in all the Cremorne is a really nice place to hang out and have a causal lunch. The atmosphere is really welcoming and relaxed. I guess the poor reviews were just after the renovations had been completed and there may have been some teething issues, however they have obviously ironed these out. We had a great experience and will return again.

I like the Cremorne Hotel

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One Response to “Cremorne Hotel”

  1. More then Churches July 25, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    The Beef Burger looks awesome. Think I better check this place out!

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